It was brought to my attention that some memorial items left at the Angel of Hope over the winter have been damaged and/or thrown away.  I have spoken with the Park District and they assure me that they do not routinely go out and clear the area around the Angel of Hope’s base, however, they do do a spring cleanup of the entire park system which may include items around the Angel of Hope that are broken.  Our recent winter was a rough one with a lot of snow and below freezing temperatures so the potential for breakage due to weather was high. 

The Angel of Hope resides in a public park and you should, therefore, think twice about placing a memento for your child that is valuable (either monetarily or sentimentally), made of glass or metal, contains sharp parts, etc.  I recommend leaving only flowers at the Angel of Hope and placing your other memorial items in your yard at home or at the cemetery.  Thank you for your understanding.  If you have any questions please call or text me at 701-540-3287 or email